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  • 🍷 Maximilian

    Always busy with work, with different projects and with filling up his free-time till there is none. Still, always up for a good and relaxing glass of wine. After attending only one SWAZ tasting he caught fire and became a regular member, just to join the board after another semester. Studying physics at ETH on the side.

  • 🍷 Adrian

    Otherwise infamous for talking you out of any sort of potentially health-threatening enjoyment, the dedicated student of Health Sciences certainly will refrain from doing so when it comes to wine; the fascinating complexity and diversity, socializing effects, pleasure in taste and even health benefits of this elixir of life are simply too overwhelming and powerful in order not to awake great passion!

  • 🍷 Danijar

    Danijar has been joining SWAZ-tastings early on and hosted several of them as a regular member. His passion for wine is unrivalled and thus it was just a matter of time for him to join the board. In his free time, he is a geography student at UZH.

  • 🍷 Manuela

    Working on draining the cup to the dregs and sprinkling pretty words all over your inbox. As an aspiring lawyer, the combo works especially well.

  • 🍷 Edward

    Just like a good wine needs a nice glass to breathe, our excellent tastings need proper presentation. Taking Interdis to the next level of taste and design.

  • 🍷 Michael

  • 🍷 Marius

    Co-Founder of SWAZ and M.Sc. student in Geography at UZH, Marius has been excited about the tastings of wine from the very beginning on!

  • 🍷 Serguej

    Indulge yourself and meet Serguej. Visiting wine-fairs, meeting producers and choosing wines from the beginning on, we of course was right in from the start of SWAZ. He also does tons of other stuff of course, including his studies for an M.Sc. in Biotechnology at ETHZ in Basel. Sometimes he thus may appear slightly late for some of the tastings.. ūüėČ

  • 🍷 Timo

    Why not learn more about wine with friends and others, he thought in 2015 and initiated SWAZ together with friends and others.
    (Ok, the idea was also inspired by the English CUWS, just slightly better..?)

  • 🍷 Tobias

    The honorable role of revisor has been heroically taken up by Interdis. student Tobias (ETHZ)!

  • 🍷 Luca

    Passionate for event management, Luca did his magic to enable the tastings. Be sure to follow his other projects!