About us


🍷 Adrian

Otherwise infamous for talking you out of any sort of potentially health-threatening enjoyment, our president certainly will refrain from doing so when it comes to wine; the fascinating complexity and diversity, socializing effects, pleasure in taste and even health benefits of this elixir of life are simply too overwhelming and powerful in order not to awake great passion!

🍷 Johanna

A winemakers daughter and Food Science student believes "in vino veritas". Speculations of her having fallen into a barrique as a child persist, given the affinity with wine of our vice-president.

🍷 Edward

Just like a good wine needs a nice glass to breathe, our excellent tastings need proper presentation. Taking Interdis to the next level of taste and design.

🍷 Michael


🍷 Nora

The wine culture of middle Europe certainly wasn’t the only reason Nora decided to move to Zurich from the cold north (it might have been connected to studying computer science at ETH), but it definitely was one of the more important ones.

🍷 Lukas